Airbnb email marketing: everything you need to know

Email marketing plays an important role at Airbnb. We are sending bilion of emails at scale.

Here is a central location to find everything you need to understand the strategy and tools Airbnb has used over the years.


Overall, we always look at 2 KPIs: quality score 1 — (Unsubscribes / Responders) to measure engagement quality with the email and search with dates as it shows a clear intention for a user who’s interested to travel.

Really good emails interview with Lucas Chevillard in 2016

Email is the channel that helps us facilitate the conversation between the hosts and the guests who would like to travel. With transactional email we notify both hosts and guests when they have a new message and bring them back to the platform.

Email Monday interview of George DiGuido, former head of Email marketing in 2013

Airbnb created a tool that allowed subscribers to send holiday greetings to hosts they had stayed with or guests they had accommodated in 2012. The campaign did not have a sales-oriented call-to-action, but it was one of the best campaigns of the year in terms of revenue.

Email Marketing: Airbnb nets 600 bookings with non-promotional email in 2013

Email Review

Airbnb does a great job of keeping these emails very pointed so that the user is never uncertain what they are being called on to do.

Email Marketing Case Study: Airbnb vs. HomeAway in 2017

At the end of the year, Airbnb sends a summary roundup email, allowing you to reminisce about your past trips. Their use of dynamic content for cities and nights makes it feel personalized, relevant, and resets the funnel back to “inspire,” encouraging users to think about where they want to go next.

Litmus Review How Airbnb Uses Email to Build Brand Trust in 2016

This is no shot in the dark. They didn’t send it to their entire list. They sent it to me and only me as a result of my behavior. Now that is personalization.

5 Reasons We Love This Behavioral Email From Airbnb in 2014

They want to make sure they get to me before I go and book a hotel, for example. So it’s a really powerful email. They just do so many things right in terms of copywriting, design, responsiveness. It’s really – they do a great job with it.

A page of Airbnb email marketing playbook in 2015

Hats off to Airbnb for their welcome email, I can’t wait to see what they’ll send to my inbox next!

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Video presentation

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Airbnb Experimenting Reporting Framework also used for email experiments

Visualize datasets, and create interactive dashboards with Superset

Airbnb Design Language System

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