Wix Email Marketing – Everything There Is To Know

As you build your online store using the Wix platform you can take your business to the next level by opting to use the Wix email marketing service. Using the Ascend by Wix Email Marketing service, you can send out effective email marketing campaigns to your customers – helping you engage them more to drive site traffic and ultimately, increase your revenue. 

However, to make the most of the service, you want to learn more about what exactly it offers. This Wix email marketing guide offers a brief, yet, in-depth outlook into what exactly the service covers. 

Design & Email Editor

The Wix email builder is designed with an intuitive email editor. The editor features ready-made designer email marketing templates you can choose from – offering a choice of light, minimal, and basic templates. The email marketing service has about 16 free templates. 

Marketing templates include blog updates, sales announcements, discounts, and other offers, events and invitations, newsletters, and new products/collections. The new product and collection template even allows you to insert any product from the store into your emails.

However, the editor doesn’t limit your creativity when using these ready-made templates. You still have the freedom to play with fonts, colors, backgrounds, and even add your own photos and videos. In fact, using Wix video maker, you can showcase your business, products, or services and even share them on social media channels. To cater to different audiences, all Wix email marketing templates are mobile optimized. 

For businesses that thrive on social media marketing, the Wix email marketing service has you covered too. Using the service, you can also design eye-catching social media posts from the dashboard for instant sharing. 

Furthermore, Wix features a detailed customizable form building feature to allow you to turn visitors into customers. The Wix Forms allow you to collect data such as contact details, feedback, and payments. Its live chat feature on the other end allows you to send coupons, deals, and even instant responses to customers. 

 The Wix marketing service offers some segmentation and personalization features. Using the platform, you can segment your contacts by behavior, demographics, and geography. With personalization, you can easily send out email blasts, promotions, and newsletters to contacts you want.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to ease of use, the Ascend by Wix email marketing service doesn’t offer any complexity if you are already conversant with the Wix site. In fact, email marketing service is managed from the same main menu as your sit. 

Simply head to the newsletter editor option under Marketing & SEO then, choose Email Marketing. Other processes function just like elsewhere in the site, for example, the email editor functions and navigable similarly to the website editor. So, even when adding features such as images and columns, you will have the same experience.


The Wix email marketing service comes with the advantage of automation features as well. You can set up timed email campaigns to ensure your customer receives the right campaign and at the right time. The Wix email marketing service automation allows you to define events that trigger an email to your contacts. For example, you can send payment reminders or even, cart abandonment emails.

Furthermore, the automation integrates additional sub-features such as email personalization – allowing you to personalize them with contact names to increase open rates and engagement. Additionally, you can integrate your business finances into your email marketing process – allowing you to send price quotes, invoices, and even track payment status from your dashboard. 

The email marketing service features an easy list management design too. You can bulk import your contacts by uploading them through a CSV file or connecting your Gmail account. You can choose to add contacts manually as well if you want. 

The one good thing about using the Ascend by Wix email marketing with your Wix store is that they are pre-integrated; therefore, any of the processes you execute is directly reflected on both platforms. So, if your contacts fill up your sign-up forms, they are automatically added to the Wix email service too. The list even automatically categories your customers.

Reporting and Analytics

Whilst the platform ensures excellent email marketing designs and even automation features, it guarantees effectiveness by giving you access to data analytics. You can use the advanced data analytics feature to track qualitative and quantitative data. 

The integrated analytic features basic features such as delivery rates, open rates, and clicks as well as advanced features such as split testing to understand which content gets the best results. However, the Wix email marketing service doesn’t offer A/B testing.

Integrations And Add-ons

The Wix email marketing service offers several integration options and connects with popular apps such as HubSpot and Google Ads. But, if you want to enjoy more integration features, you are better off with other marketing service options such as MailChimp.

Deliverability And Spam Testing

Wix marketing service has a pretty reasonable deliverability function. Based on the tests we learned, the service offers a deliverability of about 90%. According to the Wix service, however, it is also advised to authenticate your site’s domain to increase deliverability rates and reduce the chances of spamming. 

Typically, the service tracks emails delivered successfully, emails opened by recipients, and recipients that clicked a link in your emails. Furthermore, the email marketing service features an automated geo-targeting feature that offers time zone deliverability. To reduce future bounces on emails, the Wix email service is designed to add hard ounces and rejected emails to the bounced group in your contacts.

Customer Support

For customers with free, Basic, and Professional plans, the email marketing service offers self-help support through the knowledge base and ticketing option. In addition to the knowledge base and ticketing option, the Unlimited plan also features VIP support. With VIP support, customers have access to phone and priority support. The service is available in up to 19 different languages as well.


The Wix email marketing service doesn’t come for free if you want more complex features. However, it is not as expensive either.  The free plan comes pre-installed when you sign up to the site builder. With the free plan, you can send up to 3 email campaigns a month (with Wix branding) and up to 5,000 emails a month.  So, with a smaller contact list and not much to send out monthly, the free plan is fine.

If you want more, the service offers up to 3 paid plans and doesn’t offer any free trials. However, every plan comes with a 1- day money back guarantee and is eligible for up to a 25% discount if you pay for 2 years subscription upfront. 

Basic Plan

The cheapest plan is the Basic plan which costs $12 per month. The Basic plan offers up to 5 monthly campaigns, 9,500 emails per month, 10,000 contacts, 10 forms with unlimited fields, 7 automations with 2 maximum actions, 5 monthly videos, 5 recurring payment plan collections, 5 social media posts, and a personalized chatbox. 

Essential Plan

The Essential plan costs $29 per month. It offers up to20 campaigns monthly, 50,000 emails per month, 25,000 contacts, 20 forms with unlimited fields, 20 automations with 10 max actions, 10 monthly videos, unlimited recurring payment plan collection, 20 social media posts, and a personalized chatbox. From the Essential plan, you will not have the Wix ads or branding on your emails.

Unlimited Plan

The Essential plan costs $59 per month. Similar to the Essential plan, it has no Wix ads on its emails and offers unlimited recurring payment plan collection.  Furthermore, the Essential plan offers unlimited campaigns monthly, 1,000,000 emails per month, 200,000 contacts, unlimited forms with unlimited fields, unlimited automations with 10 max actions, 15 monthly videos, unlimited recurring payment plan collection, unlimited social media posts, and a personalized chatbox. 

The table below summarizes the three payment plans;

PlansBasicEssential UnlimitedPricing per month$12 ($10 if paid annually)$29 ($24 if paid annually)$59 ($49 if paid annually)Campaigns per month520UnlimitedSocial media posts per month520unlimited Contacts10,00025,000200,000

Final Verdict

The Wix email marketing service brings great value to your business – allowing you to reach more customers and increase your business revenue. However, the service doesn’t have any complex processes as most of the functions are automated – meaning you will enjoy comprehensive marketing by using a fraction of your time, for one, the site offers its beautiful and intuitive ease to use templates, reporting, and additional features such as the video maker. 

Nonetheless, the Wix email marketing service favors small to medium-sized businesses. This is because its features are quite basic – whether it’s the templates, analytics, or automation. Thus, if you have a larger business, you may have to opt for a more advanced email marketing service.