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SendGrid is a leading cloud-based email marketing platform that integrates both transactional email and email marketing delivery services. It also comes with flexible web and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) APIs, to meet clients’ requirements, all in one service. It can effectively deliver billions of customer engagement emails every month.Transactional emails typically involve a lot of coding integration. This is why the company provides its services in the form of powerful APIs. These APIs are intended for use by programmers, rather than end-users. The feature is one that distinguishes it from several Email Service Providers. It also lacks most of the popular features of these mainstream email marketing services. However, it is just as effective.SendGrid has sent a large number of emails to date and scalability is one of its many perks. The SendGrid app sends 4,190 emails per second and delivers a huge volume of emails successfully. The platform is also known for email deliverability and compliance for emails sent through it. Over the years, SendGrid has developed close relationships with leading mailbox providers. This includes Gmail, and Yahoo. Through an industry association called the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG), they work to end email abuse such as spam and phishing.

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Short History

SendGrid is a major SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, founded by Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez and Tim Jenkins in 2009. Its current headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, United States.The company’s founders started it in Riverside, California and incubated it through the Techstars accelerators program. In December 2012, it partnered with Twilio to integrate SMS, push voice and push notification services to its platform. In October 2018, it was announced that there were plans for it to be acquired by this same Twilio. In December 2017, SendGrid announced that they were processing around 36 billion emails monthly.Within nine (9) years of operation, the company has grown tremendously. It now boasts of customers in different industries, many of them being high-rankers in these industries. Though started as a platform for developers, the email marketing capabilities of SendGrid has endeared it to many marketers. It is now, perhaps, the most used platform for transactional and email marketing jobs.

What is it known for?

SendGrid is a truly unique email marketing platform. It does not come with the usual features of the more rampant Email Service Providers. However, here are the features that make it stand out from among them:

  • Optimized Email Deliverability
  • Scalability
  • Reputable Experience

Optimized Email DeliverabilityTypically, a significant amount of emails are not delivered to recipients’ inboxes. For any business, transactional emails are absolutely necessary. This means that delivery of emails sent is of utmost priority for these businesses. It is not only because this delivery increases customer reach or is needed for promotional purposes. Customers actually expect these emails and welcome them. This is usually because they have performed an action that requires a response from the businesses. It could be placing an order, filling a sign-up form, requesting to be notified of certain events and so on.SendGrid has a highly qualified team which focuses on nothing but email deliverability and compliance. Paul Kincaid-Smith, a renowned email expert is on this team. He has over 30 years of experience in fighting against spam emails.In the area of email deliverability, SendGrid offers services such as domain authentication, compliance and deliverability coaching, and proactive ISP outreach. This ensures that you achieve optimal email deliverability when you use their platform. SendGrid is the largest player in the transactional email market for this reason.ScalabilityWhether you are a start-up or a large enterprise, SendGrid is versatile and competent enough to manage your emails. They currently boast of the platform’s ability to deliver more than 45 billion emails per month. So be it 100 emails that you send every month or a billion emails, SendGrid has got you. The platform’s infrastructure is robust enough to scale and meet your need.Reputable ExperienceThough the company was started just 9 years ago, it garnered significant experience with different kinds of clients. Since its inception in 2009, SendGrid has grown to become the choice Email Service Provider for about a hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) web application companies and developers. Some of its clients are Uber, Airbnb,, Spotify and so on. These companies are just some of over 78,000 customers that trust SendGrid to land their emails in the inbox of their customers.Also, over a one-year period that ended in June 2017, over 50% of the world’s email addresses received an email sent via SendGrid. The company boasts of an experienced workforce, who do the best at their jobs to keep its customers satisfied, too.

Two categories of usage for Sendgrid

Transactional EmailsA Transactional Email is a kind of email used to facilitate a transaction that has been agreed upon by the sender and the recipient of this email. Such emails bear information that the recipient requires and as such, they have a very tendency to be opened by recipients. Examples of these emails are account creation emails, password reset emails, account notifications, purchase receipts and social media emails.By using SendGrid’s API and SMTP integrations, users can support all their transactional email requirements. These transactional emails are programmed to be sent via SendGrid. Email templates, content and recipient lists are created by the users and SendGrid is used as the delivery engine.SendGrid provides you with flexible API and SMTP setup for easy transactional email integration. Features like email authentication, reputation monitoring, dedicated IP addresses, and more enhance email deliverability. You also get to see your email activity, analytics, and reporting, including open, click, bounce, unsubscribe tracking, and more.Email MarketingEmail marketing is a unique marketing tool that you can use to gain, engage and retain customers for continuous business growth. Some forms of email marketing are the use of email newsletters, acquisition emails, retention emails, and promotional emails.Using SendGrid, you will get a flexible, spontaneous campaign builder that will enhance the physical appeal of newsletters or other images within your email. You will also get enhanced email deliverability.

Main Features

SendGrid’s unique features have ensured that it dominates several other Email Service Providers, especially in reaching its target audience. Some of these features are:

  • SMTP relays and APIs
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Integrations

SMTP Relays and APIsSMTP relays and APIs are inarguably SendGrid’s biggest features, and definitely the strongest. This is because this feature allows you to do many things on the platform. It facilitates a seamless integration with other cloud-based email infrastructure. With it, you can send emails over SMTP, HTTP and adopt the company’s official client libraries. Also, you are guaranteed of the deliverability and scalability of these emails.Furthermore, key features like the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), domain keys, ISP monitoring, and CAN-SPAM compliance are guaranteed. This technology assures you that your emails will not end up being spam. That way, you can focus on other important aspects of your email marketing campaign.Real-Time AnalyticsWith SendGrid, you can closely monitor the metrics of your email campaign. It provides you with vast amounts of data that cover Requests, Delivered, Clicks, Unique Clicks, Unsubscribes, Bounces, Blocks, Bounce Drops. It also covers Spam Reports, Spam Report Drops, Unsubscribe Drops, and Invalid Emails. The statistics that SendGrid gives you for your email marketing campaign are so detailed, you can see what is going on or what has happened so far in one glance. Also, if you want to customize your stats, Event and Web APIs make it possible.IntegrationsSendGrid’s SMTP relay and Web API feature also ensures that it can be integrated with any web app. This integration is amazingly fast and also very effective. It also integrates with its marketing solutions partners such as Hubspot and Pardot. They provide frontend services to customers while SendGrid deals with the backend infrastructure.Deliverability, Scalability and Real-Time Analytics are only some of the unique features of SendGrid. There are many more that you can explore for an optimal email marketing experience.

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